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Dolores Murph is a highly accomplished marketing and sales professional with 17 years’ experience in skilled home health sales and has considerably grown businesses in her region.  She is considered a “turnaround expert” with the ability to take under-performing markets and quickly rebound.  She has attracted numerous accolades for her results and has established quality relationships with clients.  In addition to making and managing multi-million dollar revenue, she creates and designs "purpose rooms" to inspire young people to focus on their life purpose each day.
Mrs. Murph received her Nursing diploma from BOCES of Nyack in 1995.  After working in home healthcare, Dolores found her passion for customer service with a focus on marketing.  After receiving her first marketing position, she rapidly climbed through the corporate ranks.
But more than just a marketing professional, Mrs. Murph has contributed to the community by regularly working behind the scenes with Integrative Arts Creations, supporting the vision of the founder.

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dolores murph

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