Jessie lois walter scholarship

The Creators Over Sixty Scholarship fund, in honor of Creator Jessie Lois Walter, was established by Integrative Arts Creations to promote social emotional and physical well-being of senior citizens via the ARTS.  This scholarship program will annually award one or more scholarships up to $100 to seniors over the age of sixty who exhibit a need to engage in various forms of artistic expression via Integrative Arts Creations (IAC) programming and/or affiliates of IAC.




​The recipient will be a senior citizen (60+) who can benefit from arts-related programs to prolong the quality of life. The recipient should have:


​The scholarship is to be used to foster artistic expression and arts education via a nonprofit or public educational institution in pursuit of the social and emotional growth of senior citizens. The applicant needs to demonstrate that he/she is capable of participating in an arts-related program in that educational pursuit and that this scholarship will help them in this endeavor.

​Pre-Application for the "Creators over Sixty" Scholarship

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